Welcome to the WeldTrace community

Welcome to the WeldTrace community

The community section will allow the potential customers to discuss the issues they face with their welding jobs and find out about the benefits of adopting the WeldTrace platform from experienced users. Our  customers can bounce off ideas with other customers and find solutions for the problems they may face.

The community users can post 4 types of content. They are Discussion, Questions, Problems and Ideas. 

Discussions: When you have something to discuss with others you can start a discussion topic. It's a great way to learn, debate and collaborate.

Questions: You can ask specific questions about WeldTrace and its functions. Any registered user can reply. However, a WeldTrace administrator will respond.

Problems: Problems are issues with WeldTrace. You can describe the problems in the forum or choose to raise a support ticket.

Ideas: We welcome ideas from our customers to build on the features that are already found only in WeldTrace. Please share your ideas within your community. 

Thank you for visiting the WeldTrace community. Please feel free to post and collaborate.