"Your pricing is so confusing."

"Your pricing is so confusing."

We hear that a lot and we understand why. 

Instead of a per user per month or maintenance fees, we have a pay as you go pricing model. It is a bit similar to the prepaid mobile phone pricing.

When you purchase the Plus plan for $950, you get 5 user slots, 1000 weld slots, 100 slots for welding documents and 10GB of storage space for uploaded files. Only the WPS, PQR and WPQ/WQTR created through WeldTrace will use up the slots for 'welding documents.' There are no charges for creating pWPS (preliminary WPS) and no charges for bringing your own welding documents and managing them. 

You can create any number of projects or jobsadd drawingsweld map the drawings, add materials and consumables data, create welds and manage them through work packs, record visual inspectionNDE results, pressure test data, PWHT data, test reports and so on. The cost factor in the projects is only for the number of welds that you add to a job or a project and the files that you upload (MTCs, NDE reports, etc). If you create 100 weld joints in a project, your account will be deducted with 100 welds. If you upload files totalling 10 MB, then 10MB will be deducted from your storage space limit.

Similarly when you create a user, a user slot will be deducted from the account limit and the same applies for creating WPSPQR and WPQ/WQTR.

When you visit the admin page, you will see how much of what you have purchased has been used up and how much you still have left. 

As and when you need more of these slots, you can visit the orders page and purchase more quantity. The minimum order value is $100 (USD). You can pay through the online payment gateway and we use Stripe, who are well-known for secure transactions.

We follow this pricing model because we think it is fair.

A small fabrication shop that may create a handful of welding procedures in a year and fabricate a few jobs with a few hundred welds in a year will not need to pay fees every month or pay a huge fee upfront. 

A large EPC contractor on the other hand may have hundreds of projects all over the world and create thousands of welds every month. They will of course pay more, but only when they have projects and the costs are assigned to those projects. 

WeldTrace is absolutely more cost-effective than any welding management software. Please get a quote from our competitors, compare their costs and features with WeldTrace and you will be surprised.