Configure the Data Book in WeldTrace

Configuring a Data Book

This article is about configuring the data book, which is selecting what sections are to be shown and the order of those sections. 
Data Book - Configuration
Here you may include or exclude specific sections that are to appear in the data book and rearrange the order of the sections. Use the slider buttons in the column titled 'Include' to include or leave out sections. When the button for a section heading is toggled, all the subsections will either be in “Yes” or “No” state. A sub section may be excluded.

These are the sections and sub sections that are available to be put together in the data book:
  1. Project Details 
  2. WPS List
    1. Include PQR Details in the list?
    2. Include Uploaded WPS Files?
    3. Include Uploaded PQR Files?
  3. Personnel List
    1. Include WPQ?
  4. Machines List
    1. Include Uploaded MQR Files?
    2. Include Calibration Details?
    3. Include Uploaded Calibration Certificates?
  5. Materials List
    1. Include Uploaded Mill Test Certificates?
  6. Consumables List
    1. Include Uploaded Manufacturer’s Certificates?
  7. Drawings List
    1. Include Uploaded Drawings (without pictorial weld map annotations)?
  8. Welds List
    1. Include Details of Failed Welds?
    2. Include Inspection Result & Date Inspected?
    3. Include Weld Photos?
    4. Include NDT Results?
  9. NDE Reports List
    1. Include Uploaded Test Reports?
  10. Weld Maps (annotated drawings / pictorial weld maps)
  11. Dimensions Report
    1. Include dimension annotations (annotated drawings)?
  12. Project Documents List
    1. Include uploaded files?
Click Save when finished. 

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