Historical changes reports in WeldTrace

History Reports

The historical changes report is available only for the Super User, Account Administrator and Project Administrators. Apart from the weld history report, the details of which are shown below, you will find a report to view changes made to drawings, tags, weld mapping annotations and primary field changes in the history reports section of the project reports menu.

Weld History Report

Whenever a change is made to any of the welds, including the inspection or test results or when a weld is deleted, a record of such changes are maintained in the system for audit purposes. This is a valuable tool to demonstrate integrity of the system, at the same time offering some flexibility for those occasions when a genuine human error may need to be corrected. Click on the view button in the Action column against Weld History in the Reports screen to view the report.
Weld historical changes report
  1. The report title you are viewing with the number of records shown highlighted
  2. You can filter by the action or the page where the changes are made. “All” is the default state for the filters; “Multi” prefix indicates that the change was made in a multiple entry screen or through a bulk action, such as transfer of welds from a drawing to a new version; “L-“ indicates that the change was made to a locked weld i.e. a weld that has been completed
  3. You may also filter by a data range to view the welds that have had some changes made during that period
  4. The first four columns will show the page where the change was made, changes done by (logged in user's name), the date change was effected and the weld number
  5.  Details of the change, including the old and new values
  6. Export the filtered results to a csv file
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