Upload and resize an image in WeldTrace

Uploading an image and resizing it

When you upload an image for a logo or photograph, you will see an image cropper window open up.
  1. For the customer, division and contractor logo and the signature, the image size needs to be cropped to 200 x 100 pixels.
  2. For the photographs of users, welders, machines and stamps, the image size has to be cropped to 100 x 100 pixels.
You can watch this video and learn how to use a portion of the image, if the image that you upload is bigger or smaller than the required size.

If the image is bigger, use the zoom out button to make it smaller. Grab the rectangle view finder and move it around to fit the contents. You will see the cropped image on the right hand side of the window. Once you finish resizing the image, click on the upload button.

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