Import list of materials in WeldTrace

Import Materials List

For general information on how to import data with a csv or spreadsheet file, please refer this article:

Enter data in the template file

Import materials list
  1. The heat number must be unique. If you have more than one material with the same heat number, enter a lot number;
  2. You may enter the WeldTrace base metal reference (check this article to learn more about base metals in WeldTrace) or enter the P number;
  3. For product forms plate, sheet, rod, box tube and other, enter the thickness value in column G;
  4. For product forms pipe and tube, enter the OD, wall thickness and schedule in columns H, I and J;
  5. For product form structural, enter the major size, minor size and thickness values in columns L, M and N;
  6. If the product form is pipe fitting, enter the pipe fitting type value in column K;
  7. The last 5 columns are optional and are for managing your inventory;

Upload the csv file

CSV file with errors
WeldTrace will read the csv file and evaluate the data and if there are any errors a warning message as shown in the screenshot above will appear.  Data that is not acceptable or with some errors will be in red text and highlighted in a red background.
  1. The error here is for a base metal reference that is invalid; 
  2. This field has an extra space. Please use the exact terms including hyphens;

Product Form
Pipe Fitting Type
Unit of Measure
For pipe fitting & other
Pipe Fitting
Reducing Tee

For linear measures
Box Tube
Concentric Reducer
Eccentric Reducer
Flange-Weld Neck
Flange-Slip on

Flange-RTJ Ring Joint
For plate & sheet

Flange-Socket Weld
Sq. m

Sq. ft

Welded Valve











Threaded Fitting

Other Pipe Fitting

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