Revise or append a WPQ

Revise a WPQ

Once a WPQ has been approved, you can revise it and edit the non essential variables. If you need to get the certificates generated in WeldTrace endorsed by a third party agency with their stamp, you can append the WPQ file with this.

Revise and append a WPQ
1. Click here to view or download the WPQ file;
2. Click here to append the WPQ with another file;
3. Click here to revise the WPQ and create a new version;

Appended WPQ

Appended WPQ
1. The date the WPQ was appended will be shown within brackets;
2. The appended file will be stitched together with the WPQ and will appear in the attachments section with the hyperlink as shown here. If you were to append the WPQ again, the previously appended file will be replaced with the new file.
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