Creating and managing users and their roles in WeldTrace


This knowledge base article is about managing users in WeldTrace.

You can view the users list as a grid or as a list. The users will be listed hierarchically with the Super User appearing first, then the account administrators and then the users. User's photograph or avatar, email, company name, role and access to a user's menu will be shown.
Users List - Grid View

Users List - List View

Here is some important things to remember about users:
  1. Only the users added to your account will be able to login and access information in your account;
  2. When a user is made inactive or deleted, the user will no longer have access to your account;
  3. Users have an account level role that determine the extent of their access;
  4. There are 3 account level roles: Super User, Account Administrator, User;
  5. Account level roles are hierarchical;
  6. Project level roles are different from the account level roles;
  7. Users can change their passwords at any time once they login;
  8. If the users forget their passwords, the password can be reset through the forgot password link in the login screen;
  9. A user can login only in one device at a time;
  10. A user can open multiple tabs when accessing WeldTrace with a desktop computer;
  11. A user may be in more than one account i.e. a user can be in multiple companies;

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