View weld map and navigate to a weld in WeldTrace

View Weld Map

You can navigate to the welds directly from the weld map when the weld mapping has been done on a drawing with WeldTrace's weld mapping tool.

View the weld map by clicking on the "eye" icon in the "info" column in the drawings list page. The weld map will open in a pop up window as shown in the screenshot below:
View weld map & navigate to a weld

  1. The drawing number and title can be seen here; 
  2. You can navigate to the other pages if there is more than one page in the drawing;
  3. When you hover over a weld with a mouse, certain extra details will appear as shown highlighted. Click on the weld number bubble and the weld details page will open in a new tab;
    1. If more than one weld was created for an annotation, then the first weld created through this annotation is where you will be navigated to;
If an annotation is for a note or when a weld was not created at the end of the weld mapping process, you will not be navigated to a weld when you click on an annotation.

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