Visual inspection or VT of welds

Visual Inspection of Welds

Recording Visual Inspection or VT Records

The "Inspection" button is available in the weld details page. This button is enabled only for the Welding Inspector (WI) and Project Administrators.  The Super User or Account Administrator will be accorded the privilege of Project Administrator, so these users will be given access to this button. 
Weld details - Inspection button
Note: This button will be enabled only if visual inspection is set at above 0% in the project configuration 

Stage-wise Inspection

Pre weld inspection
When you need to record pre-weld inspection and/or inspection during welding, perhaps due to contractual requirements or due to certification to ISO 3834-2 standard, the checklist in the inspection screen may be used to record such inspections. 
  1. When the Pre-weld Inspection checkbox is checked the section below that will open up revealing a set of fields with all the fields checked by default. Any of these fields may be unchecked;
  2. Enter the inspection report reference (optional, text field);
  3. Enter the comments (optional, text field);
  4. The name of the person (welding inspector) who has logged in will be recorded;
  5. Pick the date of the pre-weld inspection;
  6. Click save to save the changes;
  7. Similarly, when the Inspection During Welding checkbox is checked, you will see the options below. Any of the fields may be unchecked;
Note: These stage-wise inspection steps are optional

The checkbox options for Pre-weld Inspection are:
  1. WPS Suitable
  2. Welders Suitable
  3. Parent Materials Checked
  4. Welding Consumables Checked
  5. Joint Preparation Checked
  6. Fit-up Checked
The checkbox options for Inspection During Welding section are:
  1. Welding Parameters Checked
  2. Preheat & Interpass Temperature Checked
  3. Cleaning & Shape of Runs Checked
  4. Back Gouging Checked
  5. Welding Sequence Checked
  6. Handling of Materials & Consumables Checked
  7. Distortion within Permissible Limits

Post-weld or Final Inspection 

Post-weld Inspection
Scroll down the inspection page to view the section to record the final or post-weld inspection results.
  1. Select Passed or Failed from the drop down box. If you select "Failed" a pop up window will open where you can pick the defects. Please read the section below on picking defects;
  2. Pick the inspection report file (uploaded to the Test Reports section) - optional;
  3. Enter the date inspected or select from the calendar;
  4. Upload a photograph of the weld or take a picture in the mobile device;
  5. Enter the inspection report reference (optional);
  6. Enter the comments (optionals);
The inspection result and details can be edited later, but a record of the changes will be stored in the system for audit purposes. The change record can be viewed through the project reports section. 
NOTE: The name of the welding inspector who performs the inspection for all 3 stages will be recorded automatically from the login, so you don't have to enter the name. This will also help demonstrate compliance during an audit for ISO 3834-2.
Note: The post-weld inspection section will be available only when the weld is completed, i.e. date welded field is entered
You may take a photograph of the weld joint in this page with the mobile device’s camera.  The photographs taken by the tablet are automatically named with the project number and weld number


Weld defects for visual inspection
  1. If a weld is marked as failed in the post weld visual inspection screen, a window will popup where you can select one or more weld defects;
  2. The weld number, drawing number and related information shown here;
  3. Welder IDs for all 3 passes shown here;
  4. You may pick one or more defects;
The defect classifications are:
  1. Arc strike
  2. Blow through
  3. Surface crack
  4. Excessive convexity
  5. Excessive gap
  6. Fasteners
  7. Hold back
  8. Hammer marks
  9. Incomplete fusion
  10. Incomplete penetration
  11. Insufficient throat
  12. Missing weld
  13. Notch
  14. Overlap
  15. Pinholes
  16. Sharp edges
  17. Slag inclusion
  18. Surface porosity
  19. Spatter
  20. Tool marks
  21. Undercut
  22. Unequal leg
  23. Undersized weld
  24. Wraparound
If repair welds are allowed i.e. if number of repairs allowed is either 1 or 2, then a record would be created with “-R1” appended to the weld number, if a weld is marked as failed. All fields in the failed weld will be locked from being edited

Post-weld or Final Inspection (Multiple Entry)

Click on the inspection button in the Welds List page to open the spreadsheet interface to enter the results of post-weld inspection. This option will not be available for mobile devices.
Welds list page - Inspection button

Spreadsheet Interface

Post-weld inspection - spreadsheet interface
  1. You can enter the post-weld or final visual inspection results for more than one weld at a time through this spreadsheet interface;
  2. Scroll this bar to view more fields;
  3. Pick the inspection result. Unlike the single weld inspection interface, you will not be able to pick the defects when you fail a weld in this spreadsheet interface;
  4. Select the date of inspection;
  5. You may enter a reference number (optional);
  6. Upload a photograph of the weld (optional);
  7. Enter the comments (optional);
  1. Only the welds that are completed (i.e. the date welded is entered in the system) and not yet had the final inspection are shown for inspection;
  2. You can move the slider button to view the welds that are already inspected (post weld inspection only) and make any changes. The name of the person who is logged in will be updated as the person who inspected the welds, when any changes are made to welds that are already inspected;
  3. Pre-weld Inspection and Inspection During Welding check lists will not be available in this interface;
  4. You will not be able to select the defects from this interface either

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