Welder continuity report in WeldTrace

Welder Continuity

Codes such as AWS D1.1 & ASME IX require welders to weld at least one weld every 6 months in a process they are qualified to in order to maintain their welder qualifications for that process.  In WeldTrace, each welder’s log will be updated automatically on a continuous basis from records of welds performed by a welder within a project (PLUS and PRO plans only). 

Automatic Update of Welder Continuity

Welders list page with number of qualifications shown as a traffic light system

Welders list page with continuity status

  1. The number inside the green circle is for the number of WPQs (WQTRs) that are current. The number inside the orange circle is for the number of qualifications that would expire within one month. The number inside the red circle is for the number of qualifications that have expired;
  2. The traffic light colors for the qualifications by process column will show the processes that are current (green), expiring within one month (orange) and those that have expired (red);
  3. Click here to view the continuity report for all the welders;
  4. Click here to open the manual continuity update interface;
  5. Click here to view all the historical records for manual extension of welder's continuity;

Welder's detail page with the traffic light data

Welder's detail page with traffic light continuity data

  1. The number of WPQs (WQTRs) that are shown like in a traffic light;
  2. The qualifications by process column with their continuity status;
  3. Click here to view the continuity report for the welder;
  4. Click here to export the detailed welder's log. Each welder’s log will have a list of all welds ever done by a welder, listed by project, WPS, process and type, inspection and non-destructive testing results;

Welder continuity report

Welder continuity report
  1. This screenshot is for the welder continuity report of a welder. This report will show one line per process-type combination with the status of the process shown as days elapsed in the far right hand side column. If the number is in red, it means that the process for that welder has expired (and as a result any of the WPQs that may use that process cannot be used in a project in WeldTrace);
  2. When you open the accordion by clicking on the ">" icon, the data set for that process-type combination will be revealed;
  3. You will see one line for each WPQ with the test date, WPS number and if the data came from a project, the project number, weld number and the pass welded will be shown;
  4. If the details in this row for the project number, weld number and pass are empty, it means that the welder has not performed any weld to that process-type combination since he was tested;
  5. The test date will also appear in the "Date Welded" column. The expiry date will be calculated from this date;
  6. In this case, the welder last welded for this process and to that specific WPQ in a project and the latest of the welds for this process-type combination will be shown here;
  7. If there is more than one qualification for that process-type combination, the WPQ that was used in the project will display the project number, weld number and pass. Only the pass the welder laid the weld will be shown here. If this welder welded all 3 passes, this column will show "Root, Fill, Cap";
  8. If the number of days elapsed is less than six months, the number will appear in normal colour;
  9. The number of days elapsed shown in red for process that have expired;
  1. If a welder's qualification is for multiple processes, the continuity update will be applied to the specific process of relevant WPQs. If one of the processes in a multi-process WPQ expires (i.e. no continuity update is applied for over six months), that particular WPQ will expire and it cannot be used in a project;
  2. In the automatic welder continuity process in WeldTrace each weld will supply data to one or more than one welder who welded that joint with the credit for the particular pass for the relevant welder. The data for the process for each pass is supplied by the WPS assigned to that weld. For reasons of data integrity, this data supplied to each welder's continuity records will happen only once. If that weld were to be edited, the old continuity data supplied to the welders previously will not be deleted and the continuity data will not be fed to the new set of welders;
  1. If a welder has not performed welds to a process to which he/she is qualified to for more than 5 months, a reminder email will be sent to the welder (if an email ID is available), CC to Super User and Account Administrators;

Welder Continuity Expiry Warning Email

Welder continuity expiry warning emails are sent out a month prior to expiry, to the welder and CC'd to super user and account admins. 
Welder continuity expiry warning email

Welder Continuity Expiry Notification Email

Welder continuity expiry notification (upon 6 months of inactivity to a process) emails are sent out to the welder and CC'd to super user and account admins. 
Welder continuity expiry notification email

Welders Log

A detailed log for every welder can be downloaded in a PDF format. This report will contain a list of every weld a welder has performed with the inspection and test results. You can download a sample welder's log file from this page. Scroll to the end and you will find it under "Attachments." 

Manual Update of Welder Continuity

There are a few reasons why the manual welder continuity extension process has been made available despite the automatic continuity process being available in WeldTrace. 
  1. In the “Lite” version there will be no projects module, so the continuity records cannot be updated automatically;
  2. Even when the projects module is available, welder qualifications performed more than 6 months prior to the current date cannot be added to a project as they would show up expired when selected;
  3. People sometimes miss entering data and let a welder's continuity expire;
To bring an expired qualification current, you can use the manual continuity update process. Click on the "Welder Continuity Extension" button in the welders list page.
Manual welder continuity extension form
  1. There will be one line for each process-type combination for all the welders whose continuity for that process has expired;
  2. The welder ID and their name will be shown in this column;
  3. The last performed date and the expiry date will be shown here;
  4. You may enter the details of the last weld performed to that process. The project number, weld number and date welded fields are mandatory. The standard is optional. Click save to update the welder continuity records for specific welders;
This manual welder continuity extension method will not extend the expiry date for WPQs created in WT for ISO 9606 and when an expiry date is entered for ASME IX WPQs;

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