Code compliant welder qualifications (WPQ or WQTR) in WeldTrace

Welder Qualifications

Create code compliant welder qualifications

You can create code compliant welder qualifications (WPQ - welder performance qualification or WQTR - welder qualification test record) in WeldTrace to ASME IX, AWS D1.1, ISO 9606-1 and API 1104. 
Welders' qualifications list
  1. Open this menu to view the welder qualifications list. Only those WPQs that are created in WeldTrace will be listed here. Welder qualifications that are created elsewhere (BYO or bring your own WPQs) and added to welder's list of qualifications will not appear here;
  2. Click here to create a new WPQ;
  3. Search for a qualified welder based on different search criteria;
  4. Click the blue WPQ number to view the WPQ details;
  5. Click on this icon in the info column to view the WPQ PDF file;
  6. The code or standard the WPQ has been qualified to;
  7. The status of the WPQ (in progress, awarded or failed);
  8. The WPS number for the WPQ;
  9. The designation of the WPQ that will show the essential information about a qualification in one line;

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