Revalidation of welder qualifications in WeldTrace

Revalidation of Welder Qualifications

Revalidation Workflow for WPQs

When a welder qualification is created in WeldTrace and is selected to go through a 2 or 3 year revalidation cycle as required in the ISO standards, such as ISO 9606-1, the info column in the welder qualifications list will contain additional icons as shown below:
Revalidation of welder qualifications
  1. Go to the "Welder Qualifications" sub-menu under the Personnel menu;
  2. This icon will be in red if a revalidation is overdue and has not been completed. The icon will be in green when revalidation is due and can be actioned. WeldTrace will automatically send an email six months before and again one month before the revalidation is due;
  3. This icon is to open the extension log;
Note: The revalidation due and the extension log icons will appear only when the welder qualifications can be put through a regular revalidation (2 or 3 year) cycles as mandated for the ISO standards such as ISO 9606-1.

Revalidate a Welder Qualification

Revalidation of welder qualification
  1. When you click on the green revalidate button in the info column, the WPQ revalidation log will pop up;
  2. This row contains the details of the initial award including a link to the WPQ certificate;
  3. You need to upload a file containing the test report for a weld as required by the relevant ISO standard and select the test date;
  4. You need to upload a second file containing the test report for another weld as required by the relevant ISO standard and select the test date;
  5. The next revalidation date will be shown here, which will be either 2 years or 3 years from the previous test date or the latter of the two test dates;
  6. Click here to complete the revalidation process. Once the revalidation is completed, the WPQ PDF file will be revised and the extension log will have a new entry;
After Completion of Revalidation
Welder qualifications list - after completion of revalidation
  1. The revalidation due icon will disappear after the revalidation process is successfully completed. You may click on the extension log icon to see the details - see below;

Welder Qualification Extension Log

Welder qualification extension log
  1. When you click on the extension log in the info column, the WPQ Extension Log will pop up;
  2. This row will contain the details of the revalidation with the date of revalidation in this column;
  3. The revalidated till and the name of the verifier will be shown here;
  4. The icons are links for the test reports uploaded during the revalidation process;
  5. This column will have the links to open the revised and the old certificates;

Revised WPQ Certificate

Revised WPQ with revalidation log
  1. The revised certificate PDF file will have the new revision number in the footer;
  2. The revalidation log will show the list of all actions performed, including the initial award;
  3. The details of the revalidation will be shown in a new row;

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