Work Packs in WeldTrace

Work Packs

The work packs feature in WeldTrace is not mandatory. So, you don't need to create work packs. You can handle all the welding workflow steps through the buttons in the Welds page. However, work packs are a great project management tool and they can improve the time taken to manage the welding workflow.

Work packs are a certain grouping of welds that will allow you to manage the welds in the packs together. For example, you can group welds based on priority or by an area and create packs. 

Work Packs List

Work Packs list
  1. Click on the Work Packs menu to view the work packs list for a project;
  2. The work pack number is autogenerated and the blue hyperlinked text will open the work pack's details page;
  3. The info column icons are for printing a PDF copy of the work pack and to render and print all the weld maps in the pack;
  4. These columns will show the number of welds in the pack and the number of welds that are completed;
  5. These two columns show the completion and inspection percentages;
  6. Click here to create a work pack;
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