Admin functions in WeldTrace

Account Details

Admin Page

Admin page
  1. The admin page is available only to the Super User and the Account Administrators who have been given access to this screen;
  2. Click here to buy user slots, welding documents, storage space and welds or to upgrade to another plan, if you are in the Lite or Plus plans;
  3. View the order history and download the invoices and receipts;
  4. Click here to view the logins listed by the user name, date/time, IP address and the type of device they used to log in to your account;
  5. Click here to view all the daily feed messages;
  6. Click here to view all the emails sent to anyone your account;
  7. Click here to view all the notifications sent to anyone in your account;
  8. Click here to edit your account details;
  9. The plan type for your account will be shown here;
  10. The four half gauge charts (the Welds chart will not appear for the accounts in the Lite plan) will show how many slots that you had purchased and how many have been used up;
  11. Click here to delete the sample data loaded up when you created the account;

Edit your Account Details

Edit account details

  1. Your company name cannot be edited. Please contact WeldTrace support to get it changed;
  2. The Super User's name and email address can only be changed by the WeldTrace support team. Please contact us to get these changed;
  3. Click here to replace the account logo;
  4. All the other details can be edited. Click on the update button to save the changes;
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