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Add a WPS to WT
  1. WPS Number - Welding Procedure Specification Number. You may use a combination of letters and numbers. The WPS number together with the revision number will be considered as unique. If the number of a WPS that already exists in the system is entered, a duplicate warning will appear. If the revision number is changed to a different one, the warning will go away and the entry will be treated as a new revision of the WPS that already exists in the system. Mandatory field. Number of characters permitted: Minimum: 2; Maximum: 36; The only special characters allowed are / -()#., A space is considered to be a special character;
    1. Revision - A revision or version number must be added when you add a WPS. Each revision of a WPS is maintained as a separate document. WeldTrace uses 0 to 20 for numbers and A to Z for letters as revision numbers. Mandatory field;
    2. Date - Date of the WPS' revision/version. Mandatory field;
    3. Welding Code - The welding standard or code to which this procedure complies, e.g. ASME IX-2010. Available standards in our database will be shown. You may either pick one or enter some text. Optional field;
    4. Title - The title of the WPS. Number of characters permitted: Minimum: 2; Maximum: 100;
  2. Process & Type - Welding processes for root, fill & cap. Mandatory fields. When you pick a process and type for root, the selection will be copied for fill and cap passes. The choices for fill and cap passes can be changed. 
    1. The options are:
    2. MMAW - Manual metal arc welding;
    3. SMAW – Shielded metal arc welding;
    4. GTAW - Gas tungsten arc welding;
    5. GMAW - Gas metal arc welding;
    6. FCAW - Flux core arc welding;
    7. SAW - Submerged arc welding;
    8. PAW - Plasma arc welding;
    9. RSW - Resistance spot welding;
    10. CROL - Corrosion-resistant overlay;
    11. HFOL - Hardfacing overlay;
    12. FW-HDPE – Fusion welding (HDPE);
    13. EW-HDPE – Extrusion welding (HDPE)
    14. For the type, the options are:
    15. Manual;
    16. Semiautomatic;
    17. Automatic;
    18. Machine;
  3. Joint Type. Options are: Groove, Fillet, Overlay, Plug/Slot, Stud. Optional field;
  4. Product Form. Options are: Pipe, Plate, Box Tube. Optional field;
  5. Thickness Range. Enter the minimum and maximum values. The unit displayed here will be based on your account settings. Optional field;
  6. Position. Options are: F; F, H; F, H, OH; F, V, OH, V; OH; All. Optional field;
  7. Materials 1 & 2. Pick a base metal from the WeldTrace base metal library. The base metal picked for material 1 will be copied to material 2. If you do not find the base metal you are looking for (check the alloy and product form settings first as the base metals list displayed will be based on the filters), you may add one to the WeldTrace library. Read this article to find out how to add data to the base metal library: Add a base metal;
  8. If the WPS specified PWHT, select yes and enter the values in the row below;
  9. Qualified? If you select "No," this WPS will not be available for use in any project or for creating welder qualifications; Select the unit radio button;
  10. Upload a PDF file;
  11. Enter the PQR number, revision, date, test report (optional), and upload the PQR file in PDF format;
  12. You may add up to 3 PQRs per WPS;
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