Add a drawing in WeldTrace

Add Drawing (one at a time)

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You can learn how to add one drawing at a time to a project from this knowledge base article

Add a drawing

Drawing Number

The drawing number together with the revision/version number will be considered as unique. If the number of a drawing that already exists in the system is entered, a warning will be provided. If the revision number is changed to a different one, the warning will go away and the entry will be treated as a new revision or version of the drawing that already exists in the system. 
Mandatory field;
Number of characters permitted: Minimum: 2; Maximum: 36; The only special characters allowed are / -()#., A space is considered to be a special character.


A revision or version number must be added when you add a drawing. Each revision of a drawing is maintained as a separate drawing. WeldTrace uses 0 to 20 for numbers and A to Z for letters as revision numbers. Mandatory field


Date of the drawing's revision/version
Mandatory field


The title of the drawing. 
Number of characters permitted: Minimum: 2; Maximum: 100


A drawing file can be uploaded. A warning message will appear as soon as a file is uploaded and will remain until the conversion and upload process is completed. Save and Cancel buttons will be disabled during the file upload process;
Only a PDF file can be uploaded. Number of sheets or pages in the file should be less than 5;
File size restrictions apply based on your plan

Service, Area, Criteria

Service: The service medium e.g. Superheated Steam;
Area: The area of the plant or equipment e.g. Superheater;
Criteria: The specification, standard or other criteria that apply to this drawing;
These 3 fields are optional. Number of characters permitted: Maximum: 18


A tag can be described as a set of drawings that make up an object e.g. a pipe spool, pressure vessel, a process skid or a structural member or in other words, a deliverable. 
A tag can be used for grouping a set of drawings and thereby welds contained within those drawings for the benefit of creating work packs, test requests or recording dimensions on drawings.
A drawing can be in more than one tag. If you are fabricating more than one item from a drawing, for example 5 air receivers that are identical from 1 drawing supplied, you need to create 5 tags first and add all the 5 tags to this drawing. Tags can be created from the "Tags" menu or when you add a drawing

Line Number, Class

You will have to enter the line number, class, equipment number and also select the NDE settings in a tag. The tag's settings will be automatically applied to the drawing


General comments or remarks about this drawing 

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