Dashboard in WeldTrace with the list of most recent projects


Plus and Pro Plans

Dashboard for Plus and Pro plans

All the plans

Dashboard bottom half
  1. You will see the most recently accessed projects in this area. The project that you were last working on will always show up first and then the one you used before that and so on. This list will be individualised by the user. The labels and the project logo are shown;
  2. The project number hyperlinked to the project;
  3. The bar graph shows the completion status of the project;
  4. The number of welds in the project with the hyperlink to the welds list page;
  5. The number of tags in the project with the hyperlink to the tags list page;
  6. The number of drawings in the project with the hyperlink to the drawings list page;
  7. Access the project calendar via this button;
  8. The Gantt chart view for the project. The Gantt chart in WeldTrace will not be a project planning tool, but instead it will offer a pictorial Gantt chart view of the welds nested by tags and drawings. The Gantt chart will be automatically constructed in WeldTrace and you do not need to do anything (this is available in the Pro plan only);
  9. This area shows the number of welds, tags and drawings created in the past 30 days (in all the projects);
  10. Notifications area showing the unread notifications count, including the number of instant messages sent to you (instant messaging is available in the Pro plan only);
  11. The number of WPS in your account (both BYO and created) with the link to the WPS list page;
  12. The number of WPS created with the link to the list page for the WPS created;
  13. The number of BYO WPS in your account with the link to the WPS list page;
  14. The number of PQRs created with the link to the list page for the PQRs;
  15. The number of welders in your account with the link to the welders list page;
  16. The number of welder qualifications in your account with the link to the welder quals page;
  17. The number of welders whose continuity records are current;
  18. The number of welders whose continuity record would expire in the next 30 days with the link to the welders list page;
  19. Daily feed here will display general messages, such as number of welds created in a project. These are not targeted for any individual user, but more at role. So, if you are a project administrator, you will see the messages about the project in this area. For example, the message "John Smith added 25 drawings to project P-001" will be shown for all project administrators;
  20. Notifications are shown in the notification centre (bell button in the top bar) and in the notifications feed (this area). Notifications include instant messages sent directly to you and auto generated notifications. Notifications are targeted messages for individual users - these messages are not copied for other users. For example, if a user is added to a project or removed from a project or if the user's role is changed, a notification will be sent to that user;
  21. This area will show the list of most recent system generated emails sent to each user. Super User and Account Administrators will be shown all the system generated emails. Other users will see only the emails sent to them;
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