Edit a WPS

Edit a WPS (BYO)

This article will show you how to edit a WPS that has been added to WeldTrace (bring your own or BYO WPS). To edit a WPS that has been created in WeldTrace, please refer the next section.

Edit a WPS

Edit a WPS
  1. Click the edit button in the WPS details page to edit it;
  2. The history of all the changes made can be seen in this report;
Edit a WPS
  1. This icon is to edit and change the WPS number. Only the WPS number needs to be edited this way. All other fields can be edited in the normal way. If you change the WPS number, all the project records and welder continuity records will be updated with the new number;
  2. Change the revision number alone to create a new revision from this WPS;
  3. Click here to save;
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