Enter the NDE results for welds in WeldTrace

Enter Test Results

When you click on the "Enter Results" button for a test pack, you will reach this page where you can enter the test results for the welds.
Enter test results
  1. The test pack number;
  2. Details of the test pack;
  3. List of welds in the test pack. Only the tests selected for a weld will have the fields that are available to add data. Retests are shown in separate columns;
  4. Pick the test result;
  5. Select the date the test was carried out;
  6. Pick the test report (uploaded to the "Test Reports" section). You may pick more than one test report per weld;
  7. You may add a test report from here;
  8. If you select "Failed" a pop up window will open where you can select the defects. Read the next section for more information;
  9. The fields for tests not selected for a weld will be greyed out;

The test result and details can be edited later by the project administrator or above;
A record of the changes will be stored in the system for audit purposes. The change record can be viewed through the project reports section in Weld History;

Pick Defects for Failed Welds

When a weld is marked as having failed a test, you will be shown a pop up window from where you can select the defect types. You will be able to analyze the project data for the most common type of defects through the Project Analytics or Account Analytics.
Pick defects for failed welds

Radiographic Test

  1. This pop up window is for picking the defect type for radiographic tests;
  2. Details of the test pack;
  3. The defect types. You may check one or more checkbox. The defect types for other test types will be as per the list below;
  4. If there is more than one welder who welded this joint, you can assign the defect to a particular welder;
  5. The length of the weld joint that was rejected (has to be less than or equal to the weld size);
  6. Film quality;
  7. Film review comments;
  8. Click to save;

Test Results in Weld Details Page

Test results shown in the weld details page
  1. This table in the weld details page of a particular weld will show the test results of that weld;
  2. Test result;
  3. When a weld is marked as failed, the defects picked for that test type will be shown here in the accordion section. You will find the other details entered in the defects pop up window;

Weld Defects Classification

Radiographic Test (RT)

  1. Burn-through
  2. Cluster porosity
  3. Cold lap
  4. Cracks
  5. Excessive weld reinforcement
  6. Inadequate weld reinforcement
  7. Incomplete fusion
  8. Incomplete penetration
  9. Misalignment
  10. Overlap
  11. Porosity
  12. Slag inclusions
  13. Tungsten inclusions
  14. Root concavity
  15. Undercut
  16. Whiskers

Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

  1. Burn-through
  2. Cluster porosity
  3. Cold lap
  4. Excess weld reinforcement
  5. External or crown undercut
  6. Inadequate weld reinforcement
  7. Incomplete fusion
  8. Incomplete penetration
  9. Internal concavity or suck back
  10. Internal or root undercut
  11. Lack of penetration
  12. Offset or mismatch
  13. Oxide inclusions
  14. Porosity
  15. Root cracks
  16. Sidewall cracks
  17. Slag inclusions
  18. Tungsten inclusions
  19. Whiskers

Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)

  1. Cracks
  2. Inclusions
  3. Incomplete fusion
  4. Incomplete penetration
  5. Overlap
  6. Porosity
  7. Undercut

Dye Penetrant Testing (PT)

  1. Cracks
  2. Incomplete penetration
  3. Overlap
  4. Porosity
  5. Undercut

Destructive Testing (DT)

  1. Inclusions
  2. Incomplete fusion
  3. Porosity

Positive Material Identification (PMI)

  1. Incorrect base metal
  2. Incorrect filler metal

Hardness Testing (BT)

  1. Hardness values outside range
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