Machines list in WeldTrace


This knowledge base article is about adding and managing machines or instruments and their qualifications and calibrations in WeldTrace. 
Machines List
  1. All the machines that you add to your account will be listed here. Machines need not be automatic welding machines. You may add instruments or other equipment and maintain their calibration details too. Click on a machine ID to view that machine's qualifications and calibration details;
  2. The number shown within a green circle is for the number of calibrations for this equipment that is current. The number in the yellow circle is for the calibrations that would expire within one month. The number in the red circle is for the number of calibrations that have expired;
  3. Click here to add a machine and the machine's qualifications and calibrations;
  4. Click here to view the machines' calibrations expiry report;
  5. Click here to add equipment and their qualifications by importing a CSV file. A CSV file (comma separated values) can be edited using Excel;
  6. Click here to export the machines list to a CSV file that you can open with Excel;

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