Manage PWHT packs in WeldTrace

Manage PWHT Packs

When you click on the PWHT pack number in the post weld heat treatment packs list page, you will be navigated to the pack's details page. Depending on the status of a pack the design and button options will differ.

PWHT Pack in Requested Stage

PWHT pack in requested stage
  1. PWHT pack number and the status;
  2. When the status is "Requested" you will see the "Enter Results" button here to open the interface to enter the results. If the status is "Completed" the "Enter Results" button will be hidden;
  3. Print the PWHT pack;
  4. Print all the weld maps for the drawings included in the PWHT pack;
  5. Revise the PWHT pack to change the request details, add or remove welds;
  6. Revision history;
  7. PWHT request details;
  8. PWHT results;
  9. The welds in the pack and the result or outcome of inspection after PWHT;

Enter the Results

Enter the PWHT results
  1. PWHT pack - Enter Results page;
  2. When this checkbox is checked, the test results entered below will be automatically copied to all the welds (in these 3 columns - PWHT Result, PWHT Date and the Report number). 
  3. Enter the outcome and the date completed here;
  4. Pick one or more reports added to the Test Reports section. You may add a test report to the Test Reports section through the button at the top of the page, without leaving this page;
  5. The test results added to the section above will be automatically copied to these 3 columns (Test Result, Tested on and the Test Report number);
  6. You may change the details for any of the welds. All the other cells will be locked;

Completed PWHT Pack

Completed PWHT Pack
  1. The status of the PWHT pack will be shown here; 
  2. The results for the welds will be shown here;
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