NDE requests in WeldTrace


Test Packs List

In the NDE section you will be able to create requests for non-destructive testing of welds, enter results, retest, apply penalty, select tracer and monitor the progress of the packs. 

You will be able to group welds and create test requests and this grouping of welds is called as a test pack. You can revise test packs and change the test type or add and remove welds. 
Test Packs list
  1. Shows the number of test packs created;
  2. You can search for a test pack or weld or the reference field;
  3. The test pack numbers will be created automatically. The blue letters and numbers hyperlink to the test pack view page. Click on the printer button to generate the test pack PDF file. The information displayed in this line are for the number of welds in the test pack and the numbers tested, number of tests requested and tested, number or retests requested and tested, % completion for the pack and % passed for the pack;
  4. Open the accordion to view additional information;
  5. Click here to create a test pack;

NDE Settings

Project NDE settings
This is a screenshot of the project configuration page. These steps are also applicable when you edit the project configurations.
  1. You can set the testing for either the completed welds or all welds that includes welds that are in the planned and allocated stages. When you have the setting for "Completed welds only" and when you create a NDE request, only the completed welds that are not in any other test pack will be listed for selection;
  2. Manual selection workflow will allow you to select any weld for testing. The automatic option will walk you through a workflow where you can set some options and welds will be picked automatically. You can read more on the automatic selection of welds for NDE in this article
  3. Here you can set the NDE requirements for the project and these settings will be applied to all the tags (and drawings). You may change these settings for specific tags. Please read the articles on tags to find out how to change the NDE settings for specific tags;
  4. If any previously set values for any of the test types are changed, this warning message will be shown - “You have made changes to the NDE settings. Do you want to apply these settings to all the tags? If you select “Yes,” the NDE settings for all the tags will be overwritten with the changes you have just made."
    1. If you select the slider button to green (meaning 'Yes') and click save (at the bottom of the page), the new settings will be applied to all the tags;
    2. If you leave the slider button off (meaning 'No') and click save, the new settings will be applied only to the project. The new settings will not be applied to the tags. You may then edit specific tags and change the NDE settings for them;
  5. If you select a new NDE test method for a project through the project edit page, that is change the percentage from 0 to any value, the new NDE test method will be shown for the tags and you may change the required percentage for any of the tags through the edit tag feature;
  6. Select if the repair welds are to be created automatically and if so, how many times the repair welds will need to be created. The choices are 0, 1 & 2. If you select 1, and if a weld fails visual inspection or any of the NDE tests, a repair weld will be created automatically once. For example, if weld W-100 fails RT, W-100-R1 will be created. If W-100-R1 were to fail any test, W-100-R2 will not be created. If you had selected 2 for this option, W-100-R2 would be created when W-100-R1 fails. If you select 0, a repair weld will not be created;

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