View the details of a NDE request or test pack in WeldTrace

NDE Request Details

Test Request Details

Test pack details
  1. The test pack number and the status;
  2. Enter Results - click to open the interface to enter the test results for the welds in the pack; 
  3. Print the test pack to a PDF file;
  4. Revise the test pack;
  5. View the revision history;
  6. Details of the test pack;
  7. List of welds in the test pack and their status;
  8. Open the accordion to view the details of the tests and results for the weld;

Test Request PDF File

The test request or test pack, as we would like to call it, will list all the welds to be tested with three rows to a weld. A separator line will be inserted in between two welds. 

  1. The PDF file will open in a new tab
  2. Test request reference, name of testing agency and instructions are shown in this area
  3. Post-weld heat treatment details are shown, if a WPS includes PWHT details
  4. Tests requested for the weld will be shown in this field; If the test pack has been revised, all the welds that were revised will show the weld numbers and tests highlighted in blue
  5. If a penalty is applied to a welder, the welder ID will be shown here
  6. If the weld has been selected as a tracer for a failed weld, the weld number will be shown here

The PDF file will be in A4 portrait format or Letter portrait format, depending on the print settings in your account.
Test Pack PDF output has been redesigned to show more information & revision notes.
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