Pressure Test

Pressure Test

As welded products are usually tested for strength and leaks through pressure testing using water or air, WeldTrace offers the pressure test packs feature.
Pressure Test Packs list
  1. You will see this menu enabled only if Pressure Testing has been enabled in the project configuration. Click on the Pressure Test Packs menu to view the pressure test packs list for a project;
  2. The pressure test pack number is autogenerated and the blue hyperlinked text will open the pressure test pack's details page;
  3. The info column icons are for printing a PDF copy of the pressure test pack and to render and print all the weld maps in the pack;
  4. These columns will show the number of welds in the pack and the number of welds that are completed;
  5. This column will show the status of the pack;
  6. Click here to create a new pressure test pack;
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