Editing primary fields in WeldTrace

Primary Field Edit

To prevent wholesale changes to data that may make the original data unrecognizable, WeldTrace prevents editing the primary field when editing some data, like welds or drawings. The primary field in such pages, like the drawing number or weld number, can only be edited through this method.
Editing the primary field

  1. To change the primary field (in this case the drawing number), you will need to click on this button, which will open the edit interface for this field;
  2. The field will be highlighted with an orange underline and the data can be edited;
  3. Once you complete editing, you will have to click on the tick button to accept the changes. The red cross button is to cancel the edit process;
  4. Once you accept the changes, the new data will be displayed;
  5. The primary field edit button will change back as an edit icon;
  1. Only the roles with the edit privilege will be able to edit the primary fields;
  2. The "Primary Field Changes History" report in the project reports section and the "Change History" report in the account reports section will show the changes made through this method;
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