Spreadsheet style forms in WeldTrace

Spreadsheet Interface in WeldTrace

The multiple entry or spreadsheet style interfaces in WeldTrace will make data entry easy. With the Excel style spreadsheet forms, you can edit more than one weld at a time as well as copy and paste data. Unlike Excel, these are highly customized forms that validate all the entries. 

Adding New Data

You can add data by directly typing in the cells or by selecting the choices shown in the dropdown box. Dates can be picked via the calendar popup. 

You may also quickly create data sets via the fill handle feature as shown here. Select the cells, click on the blue square at the bottom of the last cell and drag it down. In this case, the drawing number will be incremented by one and the rest of the cells will be copied down. The copied values can then be edited.
Multiple entry populate rows with fill handle
Note: Keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V (Cmd+C / Cmd + V for Mac) for copying and pasting data from one cell to multiple cells will work in this page. You may also copy data from an Excel spreadsheet and paste it directly here. You may need to paste the data in steps for fields that are validated. For example, when you copy the data in WPS and welder ID fields together and paste them in another row, only the WPS details will show up. You need to paste the welder IDs alone again, as the welder IDs need to be validated for the selected WPS. 

Resize Column Width, Sort Data

Similar to Excel, you can grab the column border and move it to resize the column width. Double click the column border to resize the column to fit the width of its contents.
You can also click on the column heading to sort the data in ascending order. Clicking again will sort the data in descending order.
Column resize, sort in ascending or descending order

Filter Data by Condition

In each column heading you will see a dropdown icon. You can filter the data set by condition similar to Excel.
Filter data by condition

Filter Data by Value

You can also filter the data by value. Click on the blue text "Clear" first to remove the selection. Enter some value and the results will be shown. Select each one or all of the results and view the filtered data.
Filter by value
Please note that the spreadsheet interface will only display a limited number of rows (usually the first 1000). If you don't find the data that you are looking for when using the search and filters within the column heading, it means that not all the data has been loaded and displayed in the table.
If you have a large data set, use the search function outside the spreadsheet interface and this will bring the relevant data from the database and load them into the spreadsheet. You can then use the filters and search function within the spreadsheet to further filter data.
This is the behaviour throughout WeldTrace for the spreadsheet style interface. In some frequently used places, like drawings and welds, we have given the "load all..." function that when clicked will bring all the rows. When you view the page without the external search function, you will see only the first 1000 rows of data. 

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