Project calendar, activity chart and infographics in WeldTrace

Project Calendar and Activity Chart

Project Infographics
You will find some infographics for the project in the project details page.
  1. The project calendar will show the number of welds planned for a day, the number of welds that were completed and inspected on that day;
  2. The charts in this area will show the number of welds in the project by their stage - planned, completed, inspected, tested, failed and the total number of work packs, test packs, drawings and tags in the project;
  3. You can see the project activity chart here;

Project Calendar

Project calendar
  1. The month for the data displayed;
  2. You can move through the past months and years to see the data for a particular month;
  3. The data shown for each day will be the number of welds planned, allocated, completed and inspected for that day shown in filled squares;
  4. For the current date, which will be highlighted with a background colour, the calendar will also display three additional sets of numbers inside hollow squares. These are for the welds that are to be allocated, to be completed and to be inspected. These three labels are hyperlinked to the weld log that will filter the welds based on their status. These squares are visible only for the roles that have the privilege to those pages. For example, the "To be inspected" square will appear only for those with the Welding Inspector's role or higher (e.g. Project Administrator);

Project Activity Chart

Project activity chart
  1. You can view the activity chart for the current month, for the past 12 months or for a particular year;
  2. The Weld Activity Chart will display data in the form of a compound line graph for the welds by their status. The total number of welds planned, allocated, completed and inspected until that day;
When the planned dates of welds are accurate as possible, the spread of these 4 lines relative to each other will be an indicator of how well the project schedule is being adhered to. 
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