Weld quantities and welder performance reports in WeldTrace

Weld Quantities Reports

Welder Productivity Report

This report will show the productivity statistics of all the welders used in the project by the pass, joint type and the pass/fail rates.
Welder productivity report
  1. Sort by welder ID and data in one row for each welder
  2. Number of welds completed by pass – root, fill or cap passes
  3. Total weld size (weld inches or in mm) credited to the welder – please see the calculation below for a joint welded by more than one welder
  4. Number of welds by joint type – only the butt and fillet welds are shown separately and all the other joint types are grouped together
  5. Click on the accordion button to view the total number of welds and the last four columns are for number of welds that passed and failed for visual inspection & NDT
  6. Search and filter by welder ID or name
  7. Export the report to a csv file
Weld inches calculation:
a) If only one welder completed a weld in all 3 passes (root, fill & cap), the welder gets credit for the entire weld
b) if there was more than one welder for a joint, the credit is split between the welders - for example, if a weld inch for a weld is 5 and root pass was welded by A & B, fill by B, C & D, cap by A, C, D & E, the result will be calculated this way:
There are 2 welders in the root pass & the total weld inch for this weld is 5, so each of them get credit of 50% of one third (because there are 3 passes) of 5 = 0.5 * 1/3 * 5 = 0.833;
There are 3 welders in the fill pass & the total weld inch for this weld is 5, so each of them get credit of 33.33% of one third of 5 = 1/3 * 1/3 * 5 = 0.555;
There are 4 welders in the cap pass & the total weld inch for this weld is 5, so each of them get credit of 25% of one third of 5 = 1/4 * 1/3 * 5 = 0.417;
A - 0.833 + 0 + 0.417 = 1.25;
B - 0.833 + 0.555 + 0 = 1.39;
C - 0 + 0.555 + 0.417 = 0.97;
D - 0 + 0.555 + 0.417 = 0.97;
E - 0 + 0 + 0.417 = 0.42;
Total (1.25 + 1.39 + 0.97 + 0.97 + 0.42) = 5

Welder Performance Report

With this report, you would be able to ascertain the performance of welders in a project. Click on the view button in the Action column against Welder Performance in the Reports screen to view the report. 
Welder performance report
  1. Data shown in one row for each welder
  2. Number of welds performed by a welder by process
  3. Number of welds by NDE type that passed and failed only for the NDE types used in the project 
  4. Search for a welder ID
  5. Search by date range
  6. Export the results to a csv file

Weld Quantities Report

If the weld inches field contains data when a weld is planned, you would see the welds grouped by the weld inch size (either inch dia or linear inch, depending on the system you adopt for your project) and by drawing number. This is another method to ascertain the total quantity of welds to be completed in the project and progress made, by size and drawing. 
Weld quantities report
  1. For each drawing you will see one row of data for each weld inch size
  2. Size of the weld in weld inches or mm, based on the unit type of the project
  3. Total number of welds for that size
  4. Total of the weld inches (weld size x number of welds)
  5. Total number of welds completed, completed inches, completion percentage
  6. Search for a drawing and get the data filtered
  7. Total quantity of weld inches and completed inches in the project
  8. Export the data to a csv file

Weld Length Report

This report presents the system calculated values of the length of a weld based on the materials selected and a provision to enter a value to override it. The calculated value is given in linear units (mm or in) rather than as a number (inch dia), for the purpose of making comparisons between the actual length welded with the weld inches entered when the welds were planned, when different shapes are welded in a project. Click on the Enter button in the Action column against Weld Length in the Reports screen to view this Excel style form.
Enter or accept calculated weld length
  1. The weld length calculated automatically will be shown in this column. For round products, this value is the circumference. For other shapes, "0.00" will be shown as this value cannot be calculated automatically
  2. When the calculated weld length shown in the 4th column of the report is incorrect or 0, enter the dimension in this column. For example, the linear length of the weld or if a welder performed 3 passes for a pipe joint, multiply the calculated value by 3 or a factor
  3. If the automatically calculated value is correct, check the boxes in the Accept Calculated Length column. If you check the "Select all" check box with or without a filter, all the check boxes will be checked
Only those welds that are completed (i.e. the date welded is entered in the system) will be shown in this screen.
Welds where the data has already been accepted through the Enter process shown above, will not be shown again. 
When the heat number for either material 1 or material 2 is changed for a weld, the weld length will be recalculated and presented in the “Enter” screen. 
Weld length report
  1. When you view the report, this column will present the weld inches entered during the planning stage
  2. The dimensions of the materials used in the weld joint, if dimensions of a product are entered when materials are added to the library
  3. The calculated or accepted weld length will be shown in this column
  4. Export the report to a csv file
Until the welds are processed through the Enter screen, they will not be available in the report.

Dimensions Report

The dimensions entered on drawings using the dimension mark-up tool (Tags - Dimension Annotations) in the Tags page will be listed here.
Dimensions report
  1. The data will be presented in row per drawing. If the drawing is in multiple tags, there will be one row per tag - drawing combination
  2. The labels and dimensions entered will be shown here separated with a semi-colon
Dimension values export csv file
  1. The label entered in the dimension column will be shown separately
  2. The dimension entered against the label will be shown in a different column. There will be as many sets of these columns in the csv file as the number of dimensions entered for a drawing
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