Archive welder qualifications created in WeldTrace

Archive Welder Qualifications

Sometimes you may need to archive a welder qualification created in WeldTrace and make it unavailable for use. 
Make a welder qualification created in WT unavailable for use
  1. Click on this button to edit a WPQ created in WeldTrace;
  2. This slider button will stay on as default and show only the active welder qualifications;
Note: Check this article to edit a BYO welder qualification: Edit a Welder's Record.

Edit and make a welder qualification unavailable for use
  1. Move this slider button to archive a WPQ created in WeldTrace or make it unavailable for use;
  2. You cannot edit any of the data in the WPQ. Should you need to make changes to a WPQ, you will have to revise a WPQ (Revise a WPQ);
  3. Click here to complete the process;
View the welder qualifications marked unavailable for use
  1. Move the slider button to "Not available";
  2. The welder qualifications that are archived or marked as unavailable will have a red cross in the info column;
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