Edit a Welder's Record

Edit a Welder's Record

You can edit a welder's records at any time. However, there are some conditions for editing a welder's WPQs.
Edit a welder's record
  1. You can replace the photograph (or add a photo if there is none) of this welder by clicking on the pen icon. You will be able to resize the image (see this article about uploading an image and resizing it - click here);
  2. To change the welder ID, you will need to click on this button, which will open the edit interface for this field;
  3. The field will be highlighted with an orange underline;
  4. Once you complete editing the welder ID, you will have to click on the tick button to accept the changes. You will see changes to the primary fields like the welder ID in the report for changes to the primary fields;
  5. You can edit the name, email and the stamp details as you would normally edit these fields;
  6. Name of the company the welder is employed by. Your company name will be shown here as default. You may click on the "Change" button to pick a contractor. Pick the division, if applicable;
  7. If you change the welder's status to "Inactive" the welder will not be available in any project. If you had previously added a welder and used them in a project, after marking the welder as inactive, the welder ID cannot be picked for any weld;
  8. The "X" button at the end of the row is to delete a BYO welder qualification. This button will be disabled if this record has been used in any project;
  9. This button will not be shown if the welder qualification was created (i.e. written in the WPQ module) in WeldTrace;
  10. When you click this button "Add another WPS Qualified" a new row will be created;
  11. Click "Update" to update the changes;
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