New Features in WeldTrace - December 2021

New Features in WeldTrace - December 2021

Clone Settings from another Project

You can now clone the settings of another project when creating a project. When you clone another project's settings, you won't have to configure the new project or select WPS. All the values used in the source project will be cloned to the new project. Please check this article in our help center: Cloning Project Settings.

Clone a Project

You can also clone a project with all the data to a new project. 

In the cloned project all the welds that were in the planned or allocated states will remain in the respective states and all the completed welds will be moved to allocated state. The WPS and welders added will be cloned. The project configuration will also be cloned.

Completion date, inspection data, test data, repair welds, deleted welds and photographs, work packs, test packs, pressure test, PWHT packs and test reports will not be cloned. 

Please check this article in our help center: Cloning a Project.

Daily Feed, Notifications and Emails in Dashboard

You will see three new tiles at the bottom of the dashboard. 

Daily feed will display general messages about projects. This area will show the events from across projects such as welds created, welds completed, etc. The messages will be shown only to the project contributors and administrators.

Notifications area will show messages that are specifically sent to you. These will include if you are added to a project or removed from a project as well as instant messages sent to you (coming soon for the Pro plan). The bell icon in the top menu bar will indicate the number of new messages (unread). 

Emails area will display emails sent to you. 

Please check this article in our help center: Dashboard.